Skype Lessons

Lessons are available via Skype as well as in person! Join students from 4 continents to pursue lessons and masterclasses using videoconferencing technology. 

For more information, or to set up a lesson just send a message using the contact form below. Students of all ages and levels are welcome, including adults!

Common Questions about Skype Lessons

DOES IT WORK? Yes! Before you know it, you'll forget that you're not in the same room with your teacher. 

HOW DO I PAY? Once you book a lesson time, you'll receive an email invoice. Simply pay by PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or Interac e-transfer. If you opt to take regular lessons, you'll have to opportunity to subscribe to an automatic monthly payment plan.

WHAT AGES DO YOU TEACH? The short answer: Everyone! Skype lessons work for adults and kids as young as 3. Experience has shown that students under the age of 7 do better when they have a parent participating in the lesson with them.

WHAT HARDWARE DO I NEED TO START? Many students find that they are happy with a computer, webcam and internet connection. Most recent Macs and PCs have built in webcam devices. If your computer doesn't have one, you can find some reliable, reasonably priced equipment at or

WHAT SOFTWARE DO I NEED? You will need to download Skype and set up a an account if you don't have one already.

WIRED OR WIRELESS? Wired internet connections provide faster and more reliable connections, but either can work. 

DO YOU RENT OR LEND INSTRUMENTS? No. It is each student/parent's responsibility to rent, borrow or purchase an instrument. Help is always available with an extensive list of world wide luthiers and music shops...just ask!

WHAT OTHER SUPPLIES WILL I NEED? You'll need some supplementary supplies depending on your instrument (like a bow, rosin, shoulder rest, music stand and pencil). You may need to purchase additional sheet music from time to time throughout your studies.


  • A thorough grounding in instrumental technique
  • Development of musical interpretation and expression
  • Note reading 
  • Rhythmic development
  • Critical listening
  • Aural skills
  • Theory

Through these music lessons, students often develop:

  • Improved self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment 
  • Better grades
  • The ability to focus on fine details
  • Self discipline
  • Independence
  • Good study habits
  • Perseverance and commitment
  • Fine motor coordination
  • The capacity to listen
  • Mathematical skills
  • An appreciation for the arts


…an amazing mission. We’re honoured to be a part of it!
— Skype Inc.
{Mary-Elizabeth’s} radiant smile and heart-full personality combined with her exceptional musical talent create something really quite extraordinary – something you just don’t find every day. if you have the opportunity to study with Mary-Beth you should grab it – and know you are in for a truly unique and special experience.
— Janet M.
…. a rare experience of brilliance.
— Caroline

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