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From the tiniest twinkler to budding young artists, adults and professionals, I work with violin students aged 4-70 on 5 continents every week via Skype and FaceTime. Together, we make beautiful music, achieve goals, boost confidence, develop discipline, and celebrate it all with joy and laughter. I work with students from every walk of life: homeschoolers, adult amateurs, expats, military kids and busy families who are eager to save the commute time to and from lessons. 

Skeptical? It works. Really. 


In the 2017-2018 academic year, students in my class:

  • Were accepted into young artist programs in the US, Canada, Switzerland, Italy and Sweden
  • Won Royal Conservatory of Music Achievement awards in multiple states and centres
  • Achieved a 100% success rate in ABRSM and Royal Conservatory Performance Examinations and Assessments
  • Won Prizes at local, provincial/state and national level competitions
  • Received scholarships at summer festivals, young artist programs, post secondary performance programs
  • Performed solo concertos with orchestra


Why it works

  • A clearly communicated, common-sense approach to the instrument makes learning to play the violin well easy and fun.
  • High-quality, tailored curriculum plans for each student = quick progress and high levels of motivation
  • Regular goal setting, performances and evaluations = confidence boosters, tangible goals and measurable results.
  • Written weekly assignments = efficient work and less conflict with daily practice. 

#LoveLetters from students past and present

I will be forever grateful and I will never forget her advice. It truly made me a better player the instant she spoke to me. That’s just who she is: a fantastic educator and musician who helps you to be your best just by being around you.


“We’ve been working so hard to help Joshua learn to communicate better. I love overhearing these lessons where you draw the best out of him in his playing and in his responses!” 

-Cynthia (Joshua’s Mom)

“As a mature music student returning to the violin after several decades away from it, I was just thrilled to meet and work with Mary-Elizabeth Brown this past August. Her radiant smile and heart-full personality combined with her exceptional musical talent create something really quite extraordinary – something you just don’t find every day. In her teaching, her own passion for music and love of the violin come through in a way that is somehow contagious – and very inspiring. Watching Mary-Beth perform is such a breathtaking experience because the music from her violin originates in her heart. She is a vehicle for love - and it simply flows out through her music to everyone present. I was totally moved and uplifted in a way that is difficult to put into words. I think if you have the opportunity to study with Mary-Beth you should grab it – and know you are in for a truly unique and special experience.”

-Janet Matthews, Music Lover and Amateur Violinist. Canadian Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul

"Mary Beth is a wonderful teacher, player, and human being. She possesses great knowledge beyond her years about life as well as music, and is generous in sharing what she knows to the benefit of inspiring her students to reach their range of individual goals. Mary Beth has achieved high level international performance experience as a soloist, concertmaster, section leader, and section player; she understands the varying demands of these different roles and can effectively communicate and convey salient details to her students, as relevant. She is also not only kind, thoughtful, and responsible - but fun!!! Having played and taught internationally extensively myself, I highly recommend Mary Beth as a teacher or performer without any reservation whatsoever."

-Susan Barak, BA, MEd, PhD

"Mary-Beth's approach to sound, music and the violin was a rare experience of brilliance.  She considers the whole musical experience of playing the violin and makes it come alive in an inspiring and creative way.  She encourages the player's relationship with the power and intimacy of sound and draws music out of each player through the violin.  It was a musical pleasure to work with her.  She sees past the drudgery of technique and uses repetition to awaken the player's response to the composer's intent on many levels.  Rarely do you meet a teacher capable of capturing all elements of musical expression when studying an instrument.  Anyone would be lucky to study with her."

-Carol D. 

"Mary-Beth is a very talented teacher. She is caring, motivational and very knowledgeable in her field, with a huge passion for teaching. With her guidance, I grew as a violinist as well as a person. I gained skill and confidence in my playing, and she awakened in me a deeper appreciation for classical music. Any violinist who is fortunate enough to work with Mary-Beth will enjoy the same fantastic experience that I have had."

-Stephanie M. 

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