EVERY CHILD CAN LEARN. Through his philosophy of "Talent Education," the great violin pedagogue Shinichi Suzuki showed the world that any child could learn to play beautiful music and become a noble human being in the process. This philosophy continues today with Suzuki teachers world-wide. All children, regardless of age, aptitude or ability are welcome (including those facing physical challenges, ADD, ADHD, Tourette Syndrome etc.)

LEARNING MUSIC IS ABOUT MORE THAN JUST PLAYING AN INSTRUMENT. Yes, learning to play the violin is about learning to hold the bow and to put your fingers down accurately. It has also been scientifically proven to improve grades in math and reading, and is a really effective way to teach discipline, respect and attention to detail, increase self-esteem, provide an outlet for self-expression and to cultivate a love of the arts. 

SUCCESS IS THE BEST MOTIVATOR. Kids learn best and develop great self-esteem when they know what is expected of them, can see and hear results for themselves in the short and long term, and are honestly praised for their successes. Clear assignments and expectations in lessons and a weekly task-list combined with longer term goals like performances and examinations lead to happy, healthy young violinists.

MUSIC LESSONS SHOULD BE FUN. The days of grumpy, ruler-weilding music teachers are long-gone. Get ready to laugh, sing, clap and have fun as your child learns the joy of music. Happy kids learn better than stressed kids.

Benefits of Skype Lessons for Kids

NO TRANSPORTATION COSTS. Escape the ever rising cost of gas, bus or subway fare and the time lost in transit.

AVOID THE HECTIC COMMUTE. Many parents dread the winter weather, harried rush hour traffic jams and unpredictable travel time to and from after-school lessons. Why brave the elements when you can learn from home?

BETTER SCHEDULE = BETTER FOCUS. We all know that kids focus better in the morning. No commuting time makes lessons before school possible for many families. See the difference a fresh mind makes in learning and retaining knowledge. 

BETTER USE OF TIME. No more wasting time waiting during lessons (if your son or daughter is old enough to attend lessons on his or her own) . Make dinner, catch up on your own work or spend quality time with your other kids instead.

HIGH QUALITY TEACHING AT A REASONABLE PRICE. Give your child the best start possible with a well-qualified teacher for the same or less than you'd pay at your local music school. See the Rates page for details.

ENGAGEMENT THROUGH TECHNOLOGY. Think of how much your son or daughter loves to spend time on the computer playing games and surfing the web. Now imagine capitalizing on that level of engagement in their music studies. 

CONTINUITY OF TEACHING. Being an ex-pat, diplomatic or military family can be tough on kids. Ease the transition by keeping the same teacher regardless of how many times you move or what country and time zone you're living in.

ACCESS TO GOOD TEACHING IN REMOTE AREAS. Living in a remote region or a country where Western classical music is rare can make access to good music instruction tough. Now, all you need is an internet connection and a web cam.