For Adults



IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO LEARN. Just because the learning process is different once we are adults doesn’t mean it's too late to learn to play, pick up your violin again after decades away or improve your existing skills. Adult students range in age from 18 to mid-80s.

EVERY STUDENT IS DIFFERENT. Adult students bring a wealth of life experience and knowledge with them. No two are the same. Every adult student needs a personalized program of study that is geared to their level, personality, goals and time to practice. When it comes to working with adult learners, good teaching means a two-way conversation.

RESPECT FOR THE FACT THAT MAKING MUSIC IS VERY PERSONAL. Yes, learning to play the violin is about learning to hold the bow and to put your fingers down accurately, but for many adults, it is also about having a way to express themselves. Respect for the fact that music making is a personal experience is a cornerstone of adult pedagogy.  

PLAYING THE VIOLIN SHOULD BE A LOW-STRESS EXPERIENCE. Who needs more stress in their lives? There’s enough to worry about between work, families, kids, relationships and the nightly news.  Making music shouldn’t add to that tension.  Work at your own pace, feel safe to make mistakes (or even laugh at them!), and play what makes your heart sing.


CONVENIENCE. Between work commitments, family schedules and a social life, it is difficult to find time for other pursuits. Skype lessons allow you to make time for music, and put the time you’d spend traveling to and from your weekly lesson to better use.

LOW PRESSURE ENVIRONMENT. Feel self conscious about pursuing your love of music in public setting like an orchestra or group class? Suffer from lesson nerves? Instruction in the comfort and privacy of your home or office means that you can learn and play in a low-pressure environment where you feel comfortable and relaxed.

WORK AT YOUR OWN PACE. One-on-one instruction means that there isn’t any pressure to keep up with a class or group. Busy week at work made it hard to practice? Don’t worry. We’ll put your lesson to good use for some solid, guilt-free practice time.

LEARN WHAT YOU WANT TO LEARN. You’re a grown up. You have a say in this! Whether you’ve always dreamt of playing Meditation from Thaïs or The Devil Went Down To Georgia, your program of study, goals and repertoire are tailored to your wishes.

HIGH QUALITY TEACHING AT A REASONABLE PRICE. Study with a well-qualified teacher for the same or less than you'd pay for a personal trainer at your local gym. See the Rates page for details.

CONTINUITY OF TEACHING. Being an ex-pat, diplomat, military family or business traveller can make it difficult to keep up with lessons. Continue making music with the same teacher regardless of how many times you move or what country and time zone you're living in.

ACCESS TO GOOD TEACHING IN REMOTE AREAS. Living in a rural area can make access to good music instruction tough. Now, all you need is an internet connection and a web cam.