For Music Educators

For Studio Teachers

The 21st Century Studio Teacher

Intruigued by the idea of teaching virtually, but not sure how to get started or what resources exist? Available as both a workshop-ready presentation, Strings Around The Worlds’ 21st Century Studio Teacher workshop covers it all, from creating a Skype account to the ins and outs of teaching online. 

Workshop: Contact us for details

For Classroom Teachers

Looking for a guest speaker for your music class? Strings Around The World offers a number of engaging seminars presented as Virtual Classroom Visits. 

Primary Classes

Elements of music:  Pitch, rhythm, form, dynamics and tempo are just a few of the elements that make up the music we hear every day. 

Let's Write a Soundtrack Together: Stringed instruments are wonderful tools for making sound effects, portraying moods and creating atmosphere. Classes and artists can collaborate to create a soundtrack for a story, or a story for a sound track! 

All In The Family: An introduction to the stringed instruments of the orchestra.

Intermediate Classes

"Bach, Beethoven and the Boys:" A group lesson on the lives of the composers, and how they relate to the music we know and love today.

Strings Around The World: Stringed instruments exists in the majority of the worlds cultures. A combined lesson in geography and music as a class explores stringed music from around the world (with a live violinist)

Highschool Classes

Practice Makes Perfect: An interactive lesson on practicing methods and techniques for string players

Spice up your Scales: An introduction to practice methods for technical exercises using popular beats and chord progressions.

Know your musical heritage: Music has long been a way of preserving traditions and history in communities. Using Bela Bartok as an introduction, students learn about their own musical traditions and learn to notate them using principals of pitch, rhythm and notation.