Programme of study


Individual Lessons

There are 32 lessons each year of 30, 45, or 60 minutes in length. The length of your son or daughter’s lesson is based on his or her age, attention span and skill level. Parents are expected to attend private lesson and take notes to use while acting as the “home teacher” in daily practice sessions. Sometimes (in particular near the beginning) lessons are used as "parent lessons" when he or she needs to learn a specific instrumental technique including posture, intonation or tuning. At least once a year the lesson is used as a parent/teacher conference to discuss the progress made during the year or to prepare for summer practice and study.

Group Lessons

Group lessons (at least 5 per year) are included in the tuition fees for all students. Attendance at group lessons is required; please mark your calendars in the beginning of the year for these important dates. Students are placed in groups according to their playing level where they have an opportunity to develop social skills, experience ensemble playing, have fun and be inspired by their peers. These classes offer an opportunity for the students to work on performance techniques in a familiar and safe environment while making friends outside of school and building confidence and self-esteem. They are also a great way for parents to get to know each other.

Summer Lessons

During the summer semester (June-July-August) students are required to take a minimum of four lessons in order to maintain their abilities. Some students opt to make additional progress in the summer by taking 2 or even 3 lessons a week. Information regarding the scheduling of summer lessons is distributed in May each year. In order to allow greater flexibility during the summer months to accommodate summer activities and family vacations, all lessons are scheduled by appointment only. 


There are 2 recitals each year: one in December and one in May or June. 

Participation in studio recitals is an integral part of any young musician’s development:

    •    A recital is an important tradition in the journey of a young musician.

    •    A solo recital is a very special event that provides performing experience necessary for all musicians, and an opportunity for us to gather as a community and celebrate the achievements of each student.

    •    Working towards a recital performance helps students to set goals and feel a sense of achievement and accomplishment

    •    Recitals provide a wonderful opportunity for our students to build their self-confidence both as musicians and young people by performing a solo work in front of a supportive and non-judgmental audience.

    •    The recital experience provides the student musician with an un-pressured, encouraging, and noncompetitive atmosphere for performing.

Exams and evaluation methods and other activities

Recitals, exams, book “graduations,” participation in festivals and workshops, masterclass performances and competitions are all good ways to set goals and celebrate a student’s achievements along the way. Every student will participate in a specifically tailored set of activities that suits his or her needs, preference and schedule. Entry fees and accompanist costs are not included in lesson tuition as they vary by child.

Parent Socials/Classes

Parents play a vital role in any child’s musical education. They become the home teachers, supervise practicing, provide support and encouragement. The parent socials each year serve as an opportunity to meet as adults in an informal environment where parents support each other, exchange ideas, share experiences, learn about making practicing easier and build community within the studio.