How It Works

How It Works

HOW DO I REGISTER? Just click on the Register for 2013-2014 link and fill in the information. You'll be matched with a teacher who will contact you with possible lesson times and send you an invoice for your fees.

WHAT HARDWARE DO I NEED TO START? Many students find that they are happy with a computer, webcam and internet connection. Most recent Macs and PCs have built in webcam devices. If your computer doesn't have one, you can find some reliable, reasonably priced equipment at or

WHAT SOFTWARE DO I NEED? You will need to download SkypeiChat, or Google Talk and set up a an account.

WIRED OR WIRELESS? Wired internet connections tend to provide faster and more reliable connections, but either can work. 

DO YOU RENT OR LEND INSTRUMENTS? No. It is each student/parent's responsibility to rent, borrow or purchase an instrument. Help is always available with an extensive list of world wide luthiers and music shops. Check out the Links page for some ideas.

WHAT OTHER SUPPLIES WILL I NEED? You'll need some supplementary supplies depending on your instrument (like a bow, rosin, shoulder rest, music stand and pencil). You may need to purchase additional sheet music from time to time throughout your studies.


HOW DOES A VIRTUAL LESSON WORK? We arrange a mutually convenient time for your lesson and meet online instead of meeting in person. Before you know it, you or your child will be learning just as you would if we were in the same room!

HOW DO I KNOW WHAT LESSON LENGTH IS RIGHT FOR ME OR MY CHILD? Every student is unique, but a good general guideline for young students is 30 minutes for beginning students (Suzuki Books 1 and 2), 45 minutes for intermediate students (Suzuki Books 3 and 4) and 60 minutes for advanced students. Lesson lengths for adults depend on each individual's level, goals, practice habits and time constraints. 

WHAT MUSICAL SKILLS DO YOU TEACH? A well-rounded musical education includes a thorough grounding in instrumental technique, musical interpretation and expression, note reading, rhythmic development, critical listening and theory. All of these skills are covered, though the lesson "recipe" will change from week to week. 

IS IT TRUE THAT "SUZUKI KIDS" NEVER LEARN TO READ MUSIC? No, and unfortunately this is a common misconception that scares many parents away from the Suzuki Method. Suzuki's method is based on the principal that children learn music in the same way as a language - first by speaking and then by reading and writing. In no way does the Suzuki Method preclude reading and theory. In fact, when taught well, many Suzuki students read better than their traditionally-taught counterparts. 


CAN I HAVE THE SAME LESSON TIME EACH WEEK? If you are a Term or Monthly student, then yes. Regular students benefit from scheduling priority with a weekly reserved lesson time as soon as your payment is received. If you'd rather opt for a pay-as-you-go situation, you simply find a mutually convenient time with your teacher for each lesson at least 7 days in advance. 

WHAT HAPPENS IF I MISS MY LESSON? You are responsible for your lesson time. Unfortunately, cancelled or "no-show" lessons on the part of students cannot be made up. This article by an economist at the University of Ottawa has some really interesting insights into the matter.

I HAVE TO MISS MY LESSON. CAN I GIVE IT TO MY SPOUSE/FRIEND/CHILD? Of course! Just let your teacher know so that he or she can be prepared.

WHAT HAPPENS IF MY TEACHER HAS TO CANCEL A LESSON? This is a rarity, but illnesses, emergencies and technical difficulties are all occasional parts of life. In the unlikely event that your lesson is cancelled, you'll be notified as soon as possible and It will be made up at a mutually convenient time.


HOW MUCH DO LESSONS COST? Lesson costs depend on the teacher and the length of your lesson. Check out the Plans and Pricing page for more details

HOW TO I PAY FOR LESSONS? You can pay easily online via PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or American Express, or by Interac e-mail transfer (in Canada).  We do not accept cash or personal cheques.

CAN I BUY A GIFT CERTIFICATE? Absolutely. Just fill in the info in the contact form with the details and we'll send one to you.

ARE REFUNDS GIVEN FOR MISSED/CANCELLED/UNUSED LESSONS? Unfortunately not. Check out this article for the reasons why.