Press Quotes

"Mary-Elizabeth Brown s’est montrée à la hauteur de la redoutable partition de Berg, qui demande d’abord un son (elle l’a), puis une justesse et une précision rythmique impeccables pour faire une lecture claire et en traduire la poésie.... j’ai beaucoup aimé la dernière note, jouée non pas s’évanouissant vers le pianissimo comme le demande Berg, telle l’étoile de Manon Gropius [jeune fille décédée, à l’origine de la composition] qui se dissout dans un poudroiement, mais comme une lumière qui continue de briller par-delà la mort. Je ne sais si c’était voulu, mais c’était inhabituel et titillant..." Le Devoir, 2017

“..lovely, elegant phrasing and that essential wash of melancholy and nostalgia behind the party facade...concertmaster Mary Elizabeth Brown’s solo was lusciously sensual.” Ottawa Citizen, 2016 

“Magnificently executed gala brings Scotiabank Northern Lights Festival to a close: Brown demonstrated her innate affinity with her violin, giving a virtuoso performance of all three elements of this beautiful work - from the extended Adagio opening, right through to its climax..."  The Guadalajara Reporter, March 2014
...a magnificent player.” , May 2011 outstanding concertmaster. El Adelantado, Spain, October 2010
Superbly confident in her role as leader...the Britten Pears Orchestra attracts the pick of the crop.” Norfolk Times, England. October 2009
“Particularly noteworthy is her ability to unfold bittersweet extremely delightful performance. Rhein Main Presse, Germany, December 2008
Mary-Elizabeth Brown played right into the hearts of the Warburg audience... Westfallen-Blatt, Germany, December 2008
...she is in perfect command of her instrument. Florsheim Zeitlung, Germany November 2008
“...a very secure and powerful player...there were thundering applause following the Canadian violinist’s virtuoso performance. Neue Westfalische News, Germany, November 2008
Powerful and poignant playing Seen and Heard UK, August 2006